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Managed WiFi Wireless Networks

Wireless networks allow devices to access your local network and the internet without cabling. Connect anything from Laptops to Desktop Computers or Mobile Devices like iPads & Smart phones.

We tailor solutions for both corporate offices and public venues. Untether your staff to be creative and work together. Engage your customers by providing data services to enrich the time they spend in your venue and help them share their experiences online with their friends & family.

Our Solution Consultants will come onsite to assess your needs and work with you to tailor the best solution. Whether you need wireless for your staff in your offices, on your warehouse floor, or for patrons in your cafe, bar, restaurant, gym or even in a Rock Climbing Centre - ByteFoundry will have the answer. Call us now to organise your on-site visit!

ByteFoundry Managed WiFi

Corporate Offices looking to deploy controlled Guest and Staff WiFi to compliment their existing corporate networks. Suitable for all types of offices and work spaces, scalable to cover anything from just a small reception, up to every foot of your office or warehouse and on multiple floors.

Public Venues such as Cafe's, Restaurants, Sporting or Gymnasiums, Entertainment and Hospitality wanting a managed Wi-Fi service for their own Customers and Guests. Control complimentary access and collect email addresses with a branded registration page, or bundle access with memberships or vouchers. Filter content and get reports on activity to help understand your customers more.

Separate Staff and Guest Networks

Run a Guest WiFi network fully separate and secured from your Staff network, but all on the same hardware.

Branded Landing Page

Welcome guests when they connect with a landing page customized to your branding requirements and tastes.

Coverage for Any Floor Plan

Ensure coverage everywhere on your premises, indoors and outdoors. Multiple Access Points installed to work together for uninterrupted coverage.

Connect Your Favourite Devices:

  • Laptop Computers
  • Desktop Computers
  • iPad, Android or Windows Tablet
  • Android Smartphone, Blackberry or iPhone
  • Kiosks & Point-of-Sales
  • Anything WiFi enabled!

Anything WiFi enabled can be connected, giving your Guests and Staff freedom to move around. Place Kiosks or Point-of-Sales where you want them and rearrange them without needing to run new cabling!

Make a Play for Greater Customer Experience...

Put in a Staff wireless network. Get Staff out from behind desks and collaborating together. Imagine fresh ideas flowing in to your next great product!

Stand out from the crowd by letting your Gym members stream their choice of Music and Video straight off the Internet. Have them check-in on every visit so their friends and family know where their results are coming from.

Encourage your Patrons in your Restaurant to post photos of their mouth-watering dinner and dessert on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Make sure they're never out of data or in a dead spot by providing complimentary WiFi Internet access.

  • Fully Managed

    After design and the installation of the your solution, we manage and maintain it for the lifetime of the service. We monitor for problems, update software when needed and tend to hardware faults, which we arrange with you to repair as soon as possible but always at a time convenient for you. As you grow, we can expand your system to keep you meeting customer needs.

  • Engage Customers

    In your customers' pockets & bags are electronic devices which connect them to hundreds maybe thousands of friends who can instantly discover how great your business is. Delight your customers and empower them to share through social media their awesome customer experience while they are still having it!

  • Liberate Staff

    Get staff out from inside stuffy booths or idea isolation. Get hutches and monitors out of the way of staff speaking, collaborating and innovating together. Or, make scrawled and illegible order slips a thing of the past! Have staff take orders on portable devices with orders instantly and accurately transmitted to the Kitchen.