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Technology is Awesome!

Can you remember a time when invoices were sent by mail and paid by cheque? Someone actually went down to the bank to deposit them and a week or so later the money appeared in your account... if the cheque didn't bounce!

It almost seems like black and white TV! Today we send or pay invoices instantly! Not only that we offer on our websites vast catalogs of products without having any of them on our store shelves and track sales figures which are immediately up to date.

The wonder of technology is that it saves you time and money, allows you to offer new services to your customers and existing services to more customers.

...but it's sometimes frustrating.

Yet, despite how much easier a spreadsheet is compared to manually calculating a page of numbers... technology is frustrating when it lets us down.

If we step back from that frustration, it's breathtaking just how much complexity our modern technologies hide away from us. Your laptop or PC may have been purchased from any one of a dozen common brands, who assembled it from parts provided by more than a dozen manufacturers in yet dozens more factories in locales across the world.

It runs software written by programmers in dozens more countries working for many different companies big and small who contract and license their work to each other.

The data you send travels from your device across copper, fibre optic and air waves. It travels under the sea, perhaps through satellites and on wires hung from telegraph poles on it's journey to reach it's recipient. The system that receives that data is comprised of parts that are likely vastly different from the device in your hand or sitting on your desk.

That it all works at all is almost miraculous!

We Make Technology Work for You... and Keep it Working

We look after your technology, so you can delight your customers.

Micro Business

Your time is precious! You need simple, yet robust solutions and reliable help when things go wrong.

Medium Office

Keep your team connected and collaborating, with sophisticated tools and shared resources.

Warehouse & Factory

Put information where staff need it most and automate to make stock movements swift and smooth.

Hospitality & Services

Delight your clients, patrons & guests with wifi internet access and untether your staff with mobile computing.