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Remotely Managed Servers & Systems

Your customers rely on you to deliver, you in turn rely on your Technology to perform reliably. To your customers, the reliability of your products and services should be an assumption - so your technology needs to meet that same standard.

ByteFoundry will design then maintain the devices that make up your wired and wireless network (your LAN), your file servers, application servers, and firewalls. Their health and reliability is monitored remotely by our staff and support systems. Updates are proactively applied with faults tended too promptly and in co-ordination with your schedule.

Our systems give you the flexibility to make changes yourself if you are tech savy, or drop us a line to have an expert take care of it.

ByteFoundry Managed Servers & Systems

Remotely Managed so any problems or faults that arise can be diagnosed and remedied as quickly as possible.

Monitored continuously for performance and reliability analysis. Real data to design optimal upgrade paths as your business grows.

Software patches, upgrades and bug fixes applied pro-actively by ByteFoundry staff using remote access to apply them outside business hours.

Our Solutions Typically Include:

  • Smart Network Switches
  • File Servers
  • Firewalls
  • WiFi Wireless Networks
  • Local and/or cloud backups to suit your needs
  • Performance monitored 24/7
  • Monitored for faults 24/7
  • Firmware and software updates proactively applied out of hours
  • Quick turn around on configuration changes

File Server for Small or Medium Offices

Though remarkably small physically, this server provides more than enough data storage to hold all the files used in typical small or medium office setting. It's disks are configured in a redundant array (RAID) using a special interface card to provide higher performance when copying files. This configuration avoids data loss by keeping copies of your data on more than one disk, so if one fails it can be replaced with your data still safe.

This little machine also packs more than enough punch to run many common groupware style software products without breaking a sweat. For example, Wiki software, instant messaging, source code management, even run your e-mail locally.

Smart Switches with PoE

Intelligence in your network provides ByteFoundry with the power to diagnose then rectify tricky network problems quickly and without having to make onsite visits. Upgrading from simple unmanaged devices to our managed smart switches is an inexpensive investment to ensure the reliability of your local network. Our switches also can include Power-over-Ethernet functionality, so you can plug in VoIP phones or our managed Wireless Access Points.

Make a Play for Staff Productivity...

Keep important files and data on a file server with data redundancy features. Don't risk data by assuming it will be safe stored simply on a staff computer or laptop.

Save money and gain greater flexibility by using VoIP phone system with our managed network switches.

Get staff talking and collaborating by installing Wiki software on your managed file server. Take it further by creating an intranet for staff, with instant messaging, task ticketing software and other groupware.

Install our Firewall and Managed WiFi Wireless Network Products for a full suite of ByteFoundry solutions.

  • Fully Managed

    After design and the installation of the your solution, we manage and maintain it for the lifetime of the service. We monitor for problems, update software when needed and tend to hardware faults, which we arrange with you to repair as soon as possible but always at a time convenient for you. As you grow, we can expand your system to keep you meeting customer needs.

  • Peace of Mind

    Because ByteFoundry design your network or systems to suit your needs, build them, then manage them for their life time - you have peace of mind that you won't be left high and dry with a system no one can seem to fix. Instead, as your business grows and changes so can those IT systems that support it.

  • Flexible & Robust

    When applied correctly - technology will win your business productivity gains, reduce your costs and generate sales. The key is to understand how your business does its work then design systems to accelerate those workflows. By examining then re-examining how technology is working for you, it becomes a more and more profitable investment over time. Our systems are designed with this in mind and our goal is to make constant technology innovation part of your business reality.