Perl Development, Support and Consultation.

Making things happen with Whip-up-itude!

Applications / Automation / Systems-Administration

Perl is a Great Language

Every day and all across the world, the Perl language is running key business services inside Mainframes, Servers, Desktop PC's and in the Cloud. It is a mature and actively developed language which is present on every flavour of Linux and Unix, or easily installed in Windows. We think Perl is a great choice upon which to build your business systems.

Our Proposition

We integrate and adapt already available Open-Source software to provide huge value to your business, freeing you from costly per-something licensing and annual renewals. New features and even new software can be developed to your specifications or based on strategic consultations to give you a competitive edge otherwise unavailable in your market.

What Do You Need?

We want to hear what you need from technology in your business. Let's solve those problems that are wasting your time, then put together a plan using technology in more savy ways. Fundamentally, we want you to challenge us to apply technology in new ways to save you time and money. Contact Us now and lets being the conversation!

  • Web+Databse Development
  • Network & Systems Automation
  • Modernizing of Existing Code
  • Integrating Open-Source
  • Customizing Open-Source
  • Scripts, Utilities etc.
  • Strategy & Consultation