Innovative Solutions for Micro-Business.

Technology, Tailor-Made for Maximum Impact.

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Am I a Micro-Business?

Micro-businesses are on the rise! Adding value and creating jobs in local economies by making specialist high value skills available on demand. If you're a sole trader, partnership or have just an employee or two then you're a micro-business. The world is your oyster and the availability of your specialty skills benefit your clients and community.

Our Proposition

Keeping up with the innovations in your field is what keeps you on top. Your technology needs are simple, but are still critically important and you don't have the time to dabble with services that ultimately don't meet your needs. We're here to provide the services, support and advice you need to keep you focused on delighting your customers.

What Do You Need?

We want to hear what you need from technology in your business. Let's solve those problems that are wasting your time, then put together a plan using technology in more savy ways. Fundamentally, we want you to challenge us to apply technology in new ways to save you time and money. Contact Us now and lets being the conversation!

  • PC or Mac Support and Sales
  • Web and Email Hosting
  • Cloud Backup
  • Strategy & Consultation