Flexible Solutions for Medium Sized Offices.

Fully Managed for Reliability & Peace of Mind.

Managed Solutions / Support & Sales / Consultation

Cover the Basics

Server down? Spotty WiFi? Slow PCs? Email not working? If you’ve ever experienced any of these issues, you’ll know they are all productivity killers. Each of these problems waste your precious time and may even bring your business to a grinding halt. They cost you money. We manage our solutions so you can get on with your business - which is how it should be!

Our Proposition

Our Office Solutions comprise a range of services and products to suit your specific business and its unique needs. From complete all of office solutions bundling managed servers, VPNs and firewalls, WiFi, networking, email hosting, PCs and Laptops, we can help with that. If you only need one or two things, we can help with that too!

What Do You Need?

We want to hear what you need from technology in your business. Let's solve those problems that are wasting your time, then put together a plan using technology in more savy ways. Fundamentally, we want you to challenge us to apply technology in new ways to save you time and money. Contact Us now and lets being the conversation!

  • Managed Firewall and VPN
  • WiFi Wireless Networks
  • Servers and Systems
  • PC or Mac Support and Sales
  • Web & Email Hosting
  • Strategy & Consultation