Take Control of Your Internet Connection.

ByteFoundry Managed Firewall and VPN, Keeping You Online

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Managed Firewall and VPN

Firewalls are about connectivity. Ensuring that information flows reliably to where its needed, keeping you connected to the cloud and blocking anything else.

ByteFoundry’s Managed Firewall Solutions provide security for your business and finely grained control over whos accessing what inside your network - including websites, email and big file downloads. Our firewalls can use a secondary 3G/LTE wireless connection to keep you online if your DSL fails. They can also cache content to improve browsing speed and reduce your monthly data usage. We performance monitor your firewall and update it's software regularly.

Our firewalls can also provide you with VPN access. Giving staff on the road access to the information they need, safely and securely - just as if you were back in the office. Or providing private LAN connections between your multiple offices and stores.

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ByteFoundry Managed Firewall and VPN

Have powerful security & access controls on all your office and branch Internet connections. Maximise staff productivity by creating and enforcing internet access policies. Improve browsing speed and reduce data usage as with transparent content caching.

Allow staff to work from home or on the road with a VPN connecting them with all your resources - just as if they were in the office!

Seperate your network to keep student, guest or staff data fully seperated and secured. Put VoIP on its high priority network, using the same single hardware investment.

Flexibility at your Fingertips

  • Stateful Firewall
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Multi-WAN, including 3G/4G fallback and load balancing
  • DHCP with Dynamic DNS
  • Flexible routing and filtering
  • HTTP filtering, caching and reporting
  • High availability cluster options
  • Multi-LAN, DMZ, VLANs etc
  • Captival portal and Authentication

Our Firewalls include the freatures and flexbility to give you powerful control over how your internet connection is used. We manage them for you, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Our Firewalls offer two types of solutions for connecting your staff with the information they need.

Remote Access

Remote access VPNs allow employees to access to the resources on your company's private network from home or anywhere with internet access while traveling away from the office. This type of VPN provides enormous flexibilty in working arrangements and productivity.


Site-to-site VPNs allow employees in geographically different seperate offices or working spaces to share what appears to be a single local network. Our firewalls transparently encrypt and transfer data over the internet, giving the appearance and convenience as if all the computers were in the same location.

Make a Play to Leverage Your Connectivity...

Bring together your main office with your regional sales branches using a site-to-site VPN solution. Give your staff in both locations the same access to all your internal digital resources - with confidence that data is encrypted as it moves between offices.

Take control of how your staff are using time on the Internet while at work. Get detailed reports on download usage and web sites being accessed. Block time wasting websites and big files from being downloaded.

Keep your student and staff networks seperate and secure, with different usage policies for each. Block students from big downloads or control their download speeds, with more relaxed policies for staff.

  • Fully Managed

    After design and the installation of the your solution, we manage and maintain it for the lifetime of the service. We monitor for problems, update software when needed and tend to hardware faults, which we arrange with you to repair as soon as possible but always at a time convenient for you. As you grow, we can expand your system to keep you meeting customer needs.

  • Take Control

    Our Firewall solutions give you fine grained control over how your internet connection is used. You can block websites, disallow large file downloads or control the speed of each computer to spread available bandwidth out between your staff. Seperate staff, student and guests networks then apply different access policies to each. Get up to the minute reports on how your staff are using the internet at work.

  • Accelerate Browsing

    Save on your monthly downloads and speed up web browsing by transparently caching website content. When enabled, each time a website is visisted our Firewall holds a copy on disk so that subsequent visits to that website from any computer on your network are transparently served from the local copy rather than downloading it again from the internet.